Beth Monaghan

Principal & Co-Founder

Beth co-founded InkHouse in 2007 with Meg O’Leary, and together they have grown it into one of the fastest growing PR firms in the nation. By combining time-tested media strategies with innovative content programs Beth directs the strategies that propel clients’ voices into the forefront and above the din.

A widely cited expert on PR strategies, Beth is a vocal advocate for thoughtful viewpoints and authentic storytelling. She believes that PR measurement is imperative, that great stories start with “why” not “what,” and that press releases should be news stories not marketing collateral. Her views have been featured in, Business Insider, PR Week, the Associated Press, PR News, Ragan’s PR Daily, Bulldog Reporter, among others.

Outside and inside the office, Beth is a passionate advocate for equality. She is an appointee to Governor Deval Patrick’s Women in the Workplace Task Force that seeks to advance opportunities for women in Massachusetts. Her views about strategies for building women’s workplace confidence have been featured in Forbes, NPR and NBC News.

Beth Monaghan
Beth Monaghan

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