Francy Wade


Recently named a Rising Star in Business by the Boston Business Journal, Francy oversees the implementation of media and social content strategies across a wide variety of accounts at InkHouse. Before joining InkHouse, Francy was with Solomon McCown & Co, where she developed campaigns across a range of mission focused organizations. She also served as the spokeswoman for the successful Vote NO on 2 Ballot Campaign in 2011.

Francy didn't always work in public relations. She started her career in television news, working for WNBC in New York ripping scripts and then working overtime strapping hidden cameras on for undercover investigations. She then moved into the control room at NY1 News and finally back up to her hometown of Boston producing the morning show at WBZ. After a few years of working overnights and overdosing on coffee, Francy hung up her press pass and became a press secretary.

As the communications director for the Massachusetts State Treasury, Francy oversaw the media relations for the Lottery, Retirement Board, Pension Fund and the School Building Authority in the midst of the worst financial crisis in recent memory.

Though her career experience spans across TV news, politics and PR, her philosophy that laughter and a smile will make everything better has stayed consistent.

Francy graduated from New York University in just three years, with a double major in journalism and film studies. She is currently getting her MBA at the University of Massachusetts and hopes to complete her degree in the spring of 2012. She lives in Wellesley with her husband and step-daughter.

Francy Wade
Francy Wade

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