InkHouse is a public relations and social content agency serving a range of innovative clients from emerging startups to Fortune 500 companies

At our core, we are message makers and thoughtful communicators. But what makes us stand out from the pack is the way we ply our craft. We have no patience for one-size-fits-all approaches — and too much respect for our clients to suggest them. Instead, we apply customized, creative thinking to each client, ensuring that they get the kind of results that move the needle for their business.

To make a true impact, public relations must be one part “pushing” out your message and one part “pulling” in your audience. This requires a two-way conversation. We create connections with prospects, customers and influencers through unique story angles and social content campaigns. Yes, we can optimize your press releases and Tweet for you, but our PR and social content teams goes far beyond the basics. We can help you create engaging campaigns that feed your customer pipeline and improve customer relationships.

Our extensive and diverse experience in both public relations and social content — and our ability and commitment to delivering results from conception to execution through customized programs for our clients – is what makes us truly unique.

But that’s only the beginning. To get the full story, you’ll just have to meet us.


We are a team of 45+ PR and social content professionals who are passionate about what we do and the clients that we do it for. We work to continually push the envelope for our clients in terms of our strategic approach and tactical execution. And perhaps most importantly, we have a relentless focus on results.

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