InkHouse Remarks at Governor Patrick’s Women in the Workplace Announcement

Yesterday I had the privilege and honor of speaking on stage with Governor Deval Patrick in front of a packed room about his Women in the Workplace Initiative. The initiative, which he unveiled at Bentley University, will seek to “underscore the key role all working women play in business and the economic success of the Commonwealth by growing the pipeline of women poised to fill high-level positions in both the public and private sectors, and examine policy steps the Commonwealth can take to advance women in the workplace from across the economic spectrum.” Before he spoke, Governor Patrick commended a strong woman who I respect and admire very much, his Communications Director Jesse Mermell, for her role in putting forth this very important initiative.

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Conference Season – Don’t Check Out Even If You Couldn’t Check In

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Apparently this is an all-guy conference

It’s that time of year. Whether you’re living in the polar vortex (me) or enjoying the sun and sand of Southern California (people I don’t like right now), if you’re in tech PR, you know it is all industry shows, all the time.

You haven’t been able to log into Twitter over the past three months without seeing a hashtagapalooza* (*I made that up) from CES to HIMSS to RSA to SXSW and back again. And for many of us, our clients are there and we’ve set up the meetings, developed the social plans, and put out the press releases to try and make the most of the show. But what about clients who aren’t there? We know that these shows attract some of the top reporters we’re trying to reach, but does that mean they are all out of office and unreachable? Not necessarily. But maybe. It pays to pay attention when it comes to conference time and even if your client isn’t there, all is not lost.

Getty Images’ New Embedded Image Program

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The news that Getty Images is making 35M images available for embedding in online content royalty-free led to a spate of emails here at InkHouse on what this might mean for our clients. As an agency, we use different forms of content – infographics, video and photographs – to help tell our clients’ stories more effectively. We are careful only to use content for which we have appropriate rights.

Getty has made the case that because misuse of its photographs is so rampant – and because there is no source for people to easily find images – offering a free and legal approach is an opportunity for the company.

9 Best Practices for Pitching Mommy Bloggers

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A funny thing happened to me.

Sometime during the last two years, between working full time in PR at InkHouse and raising a family, I became a Mommy blogger. At first it was just a hobby, but I quickly realized I had found my voice and started nurturing my blog using many of the strategies that we at InkHouse put into practice every day for our clients. I use analytics to gauge the topics that resonate most. I distribute my content to relevant audiences using multiple channels to. I found places to seed and syndicate my blog posts including the local Patch site, a parenting website and even on Huffington Post Parents. I engaged with my readers and the Mommy blog community in general, through Twitter, commenting and so on. Soon enough, my little blog had a decent following and, to me, felt like home. So, as both a PR “veteran” and a “newbie” Mommy blogger, I wanted to offer the following  best practices for pitching Mommy bloggers.

WebInno41: Reviewing the Main Dishes

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Since I’ve been a WebInno regular for years and often write up previews of the events (here’s the one of last night’s event) it only made sense that I’d put together a short summary after the fact. That’s what we have here. Right up front I’ll say that this only looks at the three main dish companies. They were three good ones though and all of them had their appeal.

Happier, What Makes You Happier? – Nataly Kogan, the exceptionally cheerful founder of Happier, let the WebInno audience know that the company was the result of a personal journey. It wasn’t a particularly happy one – leaving the Soviet Union as a teen, living the life of a refugee and arriving in a drug-ravaged Detroit neighborhood. Kogan tried for the American dream but things just weren’t working out.

The Boston Globe launches BetaBoston, hires slew of new tech reporters

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Boston’s technology media scene saw a reshuffling last week as two reporters joined The Boston Globe’s growing tech blog the Hive, which re-launched as BetaBoston today.

Dennis Keohane, previously a reporter at VentureFizz, was the first to make the jump to the Boston Globe’s newly refurbished tech blog as senior staff writer in mid-February.

Kyle Alspach, who has been the longtime technology editor at the Boston Business Journal, also joined as senior staff writer on February 26th.

Of late, the Boston Globe has been quietly building up the writing staff at the Hive, which first launched in 2012 as a tech blog covering Boston’ s innovation economy, producing stories mainly about startups, venture capital and local technology companies.  Michael Morisy has headed up the site as a writer and producer since the beginning.

Who am I really? BuzzFeed knows.

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“Which Spice Girl Are You?” While discovering the answer to this question may not have been on my to-do list, I had to find out. I got “Posh Spice” and proved I am just one of the many victims of BuzzFeed’s recent viral trend: quizzes.

Similar to BuzzFeed’s lists, the quizzes have been shared widely across social and traditional media channels. From deciding what to eat for lunch to determining if you are ready to start a family, BuzzFeed readers answer a set of culturally driven questions to discover key insights for their life choices. The quiz entitled, “What City Should You Actually Live In?”, has received more than 20 million views. It poses a fun possibility for readers and challenges them by suggesting they are living in the wrong place. Quiz takers are then sharing results with followers and friends across social media as part of their own story.

LinkedIn’s Expanded Influencer Program and the Thought Leadership Opportunity

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In the past few years, LinkedIn has become the definitive social network for professionals, now amassing more than 300 million members. What began as a small platform for employees to connect across the internet is now one of the world’s largest social networks where millions come in search of networking opportunities, jobs and insightful industry commentary. As you may have heard, this week there has been a significant shift in the way content is created and shared on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn will now allow a small sample of its members to draft and publish their own long-form articles, rather than just major industry influencers like Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Martha Stewart. While these key influencers will continue to exist, and be added to, the new platform will democratize the system of contributed content, crowdsourcing the best posts from members across the social platforms. This sample will be expanded as the service works out the technical details.

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