3 Lessons from Disney’s Customer Experience Playbook

What do Disney, Tesla, and Newtown Savings Bank all have in common? According to John Dalton of Forrester Research, they are all pros at delivering top notch customer service. Why? Because everything they do centers on improving the customers’ experience with their respective brands.

While I can’t speak for Tesla or Newtown Savings Bank, as a parent who just returned from a Disney vacation, I can wholeheartedly attest to the attentiveness Disney pays to each of its visitors. Here are three things PR professionals can learn from the company that made wearing mouse ears cool:

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On Bad Content & Why GigaOm Changed its Guest Post Policy

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A Checklist for Your Contributed Content

GigaOm decided to limit guest posts and I understand why. Late last month, Tom Krazit explained why in his piece, We’re updating our policies toward guest posts on GigaOm. Here’s why. The main reason: bad content.

There is only one thing to say about this from a PR standpoint – garbage in, garbage out. Yes, PR people are likely going to help shape the content. This is not new, or news. While some have decried this ghost-writing trend, the practice has been around as long as thoughtful people have been writing and speaking in public. In fact, we revere the speechwriters who crafted the memorable words we quote from presidents like JFK. We accept that not all influencers are great writers (even Sheryl Sandberg had a co-writer for Lean In – her name is Nell Scovell).

What’s Fueling PR Growth in 2014? InkHouse Weighs in with 5 Trends

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As PR Newswire is celebrates its 60th Anniversary (see their 60 Years of Stories here), they’ve asked us to weigh in on how the PR profession has evolved. InkHouse was born in 2007 out of the need for a different approach to PR. Part of this change is due to the fast-changing media business, to which we are inextricably intertwined. Print is struggling, online is trying to invent a successful business model, and reporters are changing beats and titles every single day. The other influence on the changes in PR comes from our digital world and the ways people share information.

All of this change is good for PR. In fact, the PR industry showed tremendous growth in 2013. While the tactics may be less familiar, the opportunities for PR have never been greater. Here are the five trends we see shaping the PR industry today:

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Tough Media: Five obstacles to getting coverage (and how to overcome them)

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Last weekend, I participated in the Tough Mudder, notoriously known as “the toughest event on the planet.” As I ran up and down the Green Mountains of Vermont, climbing walls, swimming through ice water, and running through high-voltage wires, all while knee-deep in mud, I came to realize that I (perhaps foolishly) enjoy a great challenge – and that doesn’t stop at my extracurricular activities, but spills into my career as a PR professional as well.

While one of the main objectives of a career in PR is to obtain media coverage for clients, that isn’t always an easy task.

Here are five things that will help any PR person overcome the obstacle of getting media coverage:

Steps to Social Media Success: Part Two – Humanize Your Content

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Do you acknowledge breaking news? Do you add personality or pop culture? Are you joining the conversation or only pushing out content? These are the questions you should ask yourself to help humanize your content. In this second post on tips to increasing social media engagement, I’ll cover how to humanize your content, how to not sound like a robot and the importance of knowing your brand’s industry on social media. No one likes someone who only talks about themselves so why should you do the same thing on social media?

What’s BuzzFeed?

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Most Americans don’t know, according to a survey of 1,000 Americans ages 18+ that InkHouse conducted earlier this year in partnership with GMI Lightspeed. If you’ve taken a quiz about which city you should live in, or which career you should have, you’ve probably been on BuzzFeed though (see Who Am I Really? BuzzFeed Knows).

BuzzFeed has a massive audience. Just the other week, Mary Meeker issued her 2014 Internet Trends report, which put BuzzFeed at 130 million unique visitors and a 3x year over year growth. To put that in perspective, The New York Times has 31 million monthly uniques. Meeker’s deck also showed BuzzFeed as the top Facebook news publisher. I’m not surprised.

6 Tips for your Next PR Survey

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Have PR surveys jumped the shark? A recent webinar and Twitter chat with journalists Lauren Young (Thomson Reuters) and Chitra Nawbatt (CTV’s Business News Network) mentioned “survey overload” and got us thinking. Have we PR professionals exhausted the survey as a tool to land media coverage? Are journalists “surveyed out”? Is the PR survey dead?

Not by a long shot. Good data, presented well, still makes for a heck of a news story. But surveys have become so common that they have to be more colorful, credible and interesting to stand out and get covered. Here are six suggestions for surveys that’ll get noticed.

1. Think in headlines. As you write each survey question, don’t think of the topic you want to ask about. Instead, ask every question based on the headline it will generate. That’s more likely to give you newsy, attention-grabbing findings.

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