PR Takeaways from 2014’s Hottest Summer Songs

Music is the universal language, as the saying goes. Dig a little deeper, however – at say, this week’s iTunes charts – and you’ll find some valuable pearls of PR wisdom hidden in plain sight (or sound?).

1. Strike a chord with your intended audience.

Veterans of my musical PR takeaways post from last summer, country duo Florida Georgia Line has proven to be more than a one-hit wonder, blending country twang with melodies that stay with the listener for the whole day through. Currently No. 1 on the iTunes chart is the band’s hit song “Dirt,” which employs dirt as a lens through which to reconsider birth, death, romance and the American Dream in a way that is equal parts relatable and motivational.

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PR Newswire Takes a Stand Against Bad Content

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In our world, content is king. It’s our currency, our bread and butter. That’s why we’re constantly talking about the importance of good content. Perhaps a consequence of extreme availability and numerous channels for sharing, there is so much content out there that it isn’t always quality. In any case, individuals and businesses have endless means of sharing their point of view – tweets and other social posts, blogs, press releases, bylined articles and visual/video assets. It’s inevitable that some content will sneak into your Twitter feed or email and it’ll be a waste of your time to read, view or watch.

Should Online and Mobile News be Free?

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Survey says: Yes! Earlier this year InkHouse teamed up with GMI Lightspeed to survey of 1,000 Americans ages 18+. We discovered that only 10% of Americans pay for an online subscription.

In fact, Americans still value print subscriptions. Just over half (56%) pay for one. Of those, local newspapers are most popular (68%), with special interest magazines (e.g. cooking, pets, etc.) coming in second (41%), and an almost three-way tie for third between national newspapers, news magazines and women’s/men’s magazines).

We are not willing to transfer that affinity for news to online and mobile just yet. Eighty-six percent of respondents believe that mobile and online news should be free, and only 10% pay for an online subscription. Men are more willing to pay than women: 15% versus 5%. Directionally, this trend seems to have staying power. Of the younger demographics, 90% of those 18 to 24 and 94% of those 25 to 34, expect news to be free.

Putting Out Fires — 6 Tips for Taking Control of a Crisis

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It will happen to all of us at one stage or another; a news flash appears in your Google Alerts, a tweet shows up on your Twitter feed, the phone rings in the middle of the night and just like that – you are suddenly operating in full-on crisis mode. All other priorities are on hold and you are 100 percent focused on the pressing situation at hand.

Whether you have a delayed product launch, a major mishap in social media, or you just found out your CEO is involved in scandal; a crisis of any kind can make a communication pro’s heart pound out of his or her chest in anticipation of the impending chain reaction.

AOL Founder Steve Case Bets on America’s Entrepreneurs to Lead Internet’s Third Wave

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For his last stop on the Rise of the Rest tour, Steve Case addressed, brainstormed – and even invested in – Nashville’s growing and passionate technology community. Following stops in Pittsburg, Detroit and Cincinnati, he made the case to the Nashville Technology Council audience that in order for America to maintain its global leadership position, we need to support entrepreneurship and the creation of jobs.

It goes beyond Silicon Valley

“I love Silicon Valley; it is awesome, and will continue to be awesome,” Steve Case told the Nashville Technology Council audience last week. But, as Case pointed out next, not all entrepreneurs are in the Valley. And, while a lot of the media attention is focused there, entrepreneurs are doing amazing and innovative things across the country – living where they want, attracting talent and raising capital. There is more and more attention, investment and talent making its way to cities in the middle of the country; the goal of the Rise of the Rest Tour was to shine some light on a few of the places, like Nashville, leading the way.

Trick question: Are you a workhorse or a show pony?

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When I started my career, I classified PR people either as workhorses or show ponies.  Workhorses were those who toiled harder than everyone (or so they thought).  And show ponies were those who were slick, wined and dined clients and had perfectly coiffed hair.  They seemed to sail through life without a care in the world. 


At first, I fancied myself a proud workhorse.  At the beginning of each work day, I intended to put in more hours, solve all the world’s problems with strategic communications and ascend the top of the public relations universe. 


I didn’t have much use or respect for the show ponies however.  In fact, I thought they were lazy, good for nothings.  That is until one day when I saw an account manager, who I had always considered a workhorse, present to a client. 

The news is following me – and I like it

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Every day we see multiple “breaking news” alerts in our email, on Twitter, Facebook, TV and everywhere in between. At this point, many of us have become immune to the term. It’s hard to know what is truly breaking news when everything from a school shooting to a soccer player being banned for biting is lumped together. And it’s even harder to tell what is applicable to our individual lives.

Last week,, a startup within NBC News Digital that has been aggregating breaking news for years and is often the first to break it on Twitter, became the first app to send users a push notification on their mobile devices (iOS app only for now) when news breaks near them.

Words from a Coaching Legend that Will Improve your PR Team

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Coach John Wooden is best known for his unprecedented run of excellence as the head basketball coach at UCLA. Under his guidance, UCLA won an astonishing 10 national championships in a 12 year period, including seven in a row. However, to label him simply as a basketball coach would be to greatly underestimate an educator who transcended sports and impacted the lives of so many during his nearly 100 years on this planet.

Coach Wooden didn’t simply teach a game to a bunch of college kids, he taught life lessons. Many of his words of guidance and encouragement are used today at our leading corporations and business schools to inspire the leaders of tomorrow. In reading through some of his more famous quotes I was astonished at how many of them were applicable to our own industry.

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