Four (OK Five) Twitter Changes Coming Soon


Yesterday, Twitter announced the availability of improvements to the private messaging feature allowing us to talk amongst ourselves a little more freely within the Twitterverse. Originally announced last week, in conjunction with Twitter’s first-ever analyst day, the company also revealed a few other significant feature changes we can look for in the weeks and months ahead. Here’s a quick synopsis of the highlights of these new Twitter improvements and engagement tools and how they can work for you.

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The NFL’s Public Relations “Black Eye”

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“The NFL policy has become to make crap up as they go along”

-Greg Bedard, Monday Morning Quarterback

Let’s be honest: The perception of the National Football League (NFL) isn’t good at the moment. It’s facing a series of scandals and lawsuits centered on issues such as player safety, drug abuse, illegal distribution of narcotics and other assorted criminal activity. So while the on-field popularity is at an all-time high amongst its fan base, the NFL as an entity has become a public relations disaster. We could examine the cause and effect of any of these issues, but, because we’re in the public relations business, we’ve chosen to examine the recent issues through the lens of a communications professional.

Mistakes were made: the Ubergate story

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One place it’s awesome to be right now:  Lyft HQ.

Uber Senior Vice President Emil Michael, however, is not having such a good day. Last night, BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith broke news that  Uber Senior Vice President Emil Michael, “suggested that the company should consider hiring a team of opposition researchers to dig up dirt on its critics in the media — and specifically to spread details of the personal life of a female journalist (PandoDaily’s Sarah Lacy), who has criticized the company.”

The tech press is up in arms, #deleteuber is quickly gaining traction on Twitter, and the company in question is currently estimated to be worth $18 billion. There’s a lot on the line, to say the least. But aside from being a great Water Cooler talking point, there are several PR lessons to take away from this situation. Here are three:

Kyle Alspach, BostInno Tech Editor, on BostInno’s Expansion Plans and the Future of Journalism

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Kyle Alspach, BostInno’s new national technology editor.

Longtime Boston technology writer Kyle Alspach recently moved from BetaBoston to BostInno – where he’s the online tech publication’s first national technology editor. During a recent conversation with InkHouse, Alspach, who was the technology editor at the Boston Business Journal prior to joining BetaBoston, discussed why he made the jump to BostInno, how he shapes national tech coverage and how much he and his team think about clicks and SEO when they’re developing stories. When he’s not getting the scoop on the newest startups in Boston, Alspach can be found raising hot peppers in his garden, playing drums in his band or relaxing with his cats.

Q. Why did you move from BetaBoston to BostInno?

Two New VPs Join InkHouse

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InkHouse is thrilled to welcome Keith Giannini and Dan O’Mahony as our two newest VPs. Both our Boston and San Francisco offices are growing fast – and having Keith and Danny join our team means that we can continue to deliver the kind of service our clients have come to expect from us. While we continue to grow across all our practice areas – from consumer to real estate – our tech practice continues to thrive. So we are psyched to have two more seasoned tech PR pros on board.

The Boston Globe Names InkHouse One of the Top Places to Work

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 We did it. We’re one of the Top Places to Work! I could go on about how awesome it is to work at InkHouse, but Tina Cassidy already did that.

Then I thought I’d talk about how grateful I am to have our amazing team, but Meg O’Leary did that too in the upcoming Globe Magazine. As Shirley Leung wrote:

“Valuing employees is the biggest takeaway [from Artie T. Demoulas of Market Basket] for Meg O’Leary, cofounder of InkHouse. When she started the PR firm with Beth Monaghan, O’Leary was just grateful that people were willing to take a chance on them. Seven years and nearly 70 employees later, O’Leary still marvels at the idea.

“Why Now?” Five Ways To Make Your Pitch Relevant And Timely

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As a PR person, I’m a huge fan of working with the press. To take a given story, build out all of the assets needed to make it compelling to a journalist, and then see it through to a published piece is one of the most rewarding parts of the job.

That said, it can also be one of the most challenging pieces of PR work. Oftentimes after working days, weeks and sometimes longer to build a concrete story – maybe a news announcement, a case study, data set or trend – there’s a chance that even well-researched media contacts might still turn it down.

“Thanks, but I’ll have to pass.” “This isn’t relevant to what I’m working on right now.” “I’ll keep this in mind.”

The PR Guide to Instagram

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InkHouse’s Instagram: Where we post our jealousy-inducing snack-shots.

200 Million. That’s roughly the population of Brazil. That’s also the number of Instagram users in the world, who’ve posted more than 20 billion photos on the mobile platform.

Despite Instagram’s undeniable popularity, brands and businesses are still working out their own Insta-strategies. But a well thought out content program can make integrating Instagram into your social arsenal as easy as adding a Valencia filter. Blogs, Twitter and Facebook posts all perform better when accompanied by images. Get started on Instagram by assessing your content calendar through a visual lens. Ask yourself, how can I add an image to this post that will help sell my point of view?

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