Happy Holidays from InkHouse!

An eventful year is coming to a close for us at InkHouse. When we decided to open a San Francisco office at this time last year, we couldn’t have predicted how successful it would become in such a short time. In addition to doubling in size in the past three months alone, InkHouse West is proud to be working with some of the top companies in the nation. Our agency as a whole has also grown, ending 2014 by hiring our 75th employee. We were also named a Top Place to Work by The Boston Globe and a PR News Small Firm of the Year finalist.

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Four Ways to Survive Reddit

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Reddit is a fickle beast. One day, it can be immensely good to you, driving your traffic so high it literally breaks your website (the infamous Reddit “hug of death”). Other days, your content is down-voted into oblivion.

As a consumption tool for what’s hot and trending, there’s nearly no other platform that comes close to Reddit. Buzzfeed pulls much of its content from there. Videos get picked up on your Facebook feed hours, or even days, after they’ve already been seen on Reddit. To provide some context for how massively popular the site has become, it receives more than 174 million unique views each month viewing a total of six billion pages. In comparison, the New York Times only cracks a mere 28 million unique views.

The Six Most Attention Grabbing Hashtags of 2014

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Hashtags. You see them in almost every form of communication these days. Your friend from high school tweets that it was #legday at the gym and your cousin posts about their #blessed weekend. Jimmy Fallon even has an ongoing skit where he and the guest on his show that night talk exclusively in hashtags. In fact, you can barely watch a TV show without being shown its hashtag encouraging viewers to join the conversation (thank you #PeterPanLive). If you’re trying to be cute about not really apologizing, #sorrynotsorry is a good one, but it’s not all snark like at Thanksgiving, when we are all #thankful.

So what were the most attention grabbing hashtags of 2014? These are my picks:

Words to Retire in 2015: The Millennial Edition

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According to the Oxford Dictionaries, the 2014 word of the year is vape.  This was a surprise to me as it’s not a word I’ve seen much over here in the States, but in Great Britain, it’s most definitely a thing.

British/American linguistic differences aside (of which I am a polished connoisseur), when polling my peers, friends, reporters, and social followers for this year’s post, I noticed I barely knew many of the words they wanted retired next year. This collection of mysterious words reminded me that millennial speak and 40-something speak are, well, generations apart.

Their crimes? These words and expressions are shallow, overused on social networks (often preceded by a hashtag) and have the potential to be here-today-gone-tomorrow. It’s no coincidence that several of these terms also appeared in TIME Magazine’s poll of words to ban in 2015 (note that the publication received much whiplash for its suggestion that the word feminist needed banning.)

Is Tumblr the next big thing? 3 reasons to join the fastest-growing social platform

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In less than a year, Tumblr has gone from being “Yahoo!’s next problem” to the fastest-growing social platform. The Yahoo-owned platform is considered an easy blogging tool for users and companies looking to engage with a younger and increasingly mobile audience. TechCrunch recently dug into research from the Global Web Index to shed some light on the changing social landscape, which shows that Tumblr’s active user base grew by 120 percent in the last six months, while Facebook’s only grew by 2 percent.

That kind of growth is nothing to sneeze at, as Marissa Mayer and her team knew when Yahoo! purchased the platform in May of 2013. Yahoo! pointed to growth as a huge driver in this acquisition, and noted that brands are hungry to engage with users of the platform.

Besides Kim K, 4 Other Things That ‘Broke the Internet’ in 2014

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Kim Kardashian’s photo on her wedding day was hailed as the most liked Instagram picture of 2014. Not satisfied with such glory, Kim also recently attempted to “break the internet” with her infamous Paper Magazine cover (sorry no hyperlink here – keeping this all PG). Whether or not she did remains to be seen but, with 2014 drawing to a close, there’s no better time to look back over the past year and countdown some of the other top moments that – for lack of a better phrase – “broke the internet” in 2014.


The Boston Globe Launches New Business Section with Charlie Baker Q&A

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The Boston Globe is placing bets on Boston and journalism. Last night, owners John and Linda Henry hosted a launch event for the new Business section with a Q&A between Sacha Pfeiffer and Governor-elect Charlie Baker. Pfeiffer didn’t disappoint the crowd and asked all of the tough questions – non-profit CEO compensation, the impact of sea level rise on our heavy development close to the shore, healthcare reform and budget cuts. Baker was open and candid, joking, “Do you have any easy questions?”

Balancing Your Media Diet

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When I was a kid we had the food pyramid. It was designed to help people think about the right mix of foods for a healthy diet. The plate has replaced the pyramid but the idea is the same – you need to be mindful about what you put into your body in order to stay healthy.

The same thing is true for what you put into your head. The more varied the information you consume, the more connections you’ll be able to make between issues and ideas. The more diverse your information diet, the more likely you’ll be able to discover insights that can prompt new ideas and ways of solving problems.

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