One Year Later, Remembering the Boston Marathon



I’ve been on the news a lot lately. As a PR professional whose number one job is to help others get media attention, it’s an odd feeling to see yourself on a TV screen. And yet there I am… every time they play the surveillance video from the Boston Marathon bombings. I see the two brothers inches from me as I stand on the sidelines, watching the race and waiting for my friends to run by. One year later and I still get chills every time I see that video. Remembering how close I was, how close to home – my home, my city – it is an indescribable feeling. But Jeff Bauman did a pretty amazing job:  the iconic Boston bombing photograph isn’t about my legs – it’s about a rescue.

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Why I’m Running the Boston Marathon

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Editor’s Note: This week, we dedicate the InkHouse blog to the Boston Marathon. All of our hearts were broken last year, and we’re so very proud that our own Tina Cassidy is running for the MR8 team to raise money for the foundation started by the Richard family, a family that lost so much. Tina shares her beautiful story about why she is running below. Our design team created the “Boston 4-21-14” image for anyone to use. We hope you’ll help spread the message of healing and resilience. #WeRunTogether

Why I’m Running the Boston Marathon

Below is Tina’s post:

Inspire, Connect, Showcase: Recap of The Lady Project Summit’s Media Panel

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This weekend, I had the privilege of attending the 2nd annual Lady Project Summit in Providence, RI. Accompanied by an incredible group of women from all around New England, the purpose of the event, and the entire Lady Project mission, was to “inspire, connect, & showcase” women doing amazing things in their communities and around the world. With moving key notes from Tammy Tibbetts of She’s the First, Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan, and Meredith Walker executive producer and co-creator of Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls (and Amy’s partner in crime), it was hard not to leave with a motivational high. I’ll spare you the detailed recap (check my Twitter feed for more of the play-by-play), but I do want to share some words of wisdom from the event’s media panel that really struck a chord.

7 Ways to Attract Quality Twitter Followers

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How is your list of Twitter followers looking? If your answer falls somewhere between “meh” and “I don’t know,” let’s talk.

Twitter is a fabulous tool, but carefully crafted tweets are no good if they’re never seen by your target audience. Fortunately, there are a few easy steps you can incorporate into your everyday social activity to maximize your reach.

  1. In this case, it’s okay to be a follower. Following someone is the easiest way to get on his or her radar. Plus, it’s a compliment. I love the brands and organizations that follow me on Twitter! (As soon as I’m old enough to figure out how mortgages work, expect a call from me, @easternbank.)

TV: The Most Trusted and Preferred News Source

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We love TV. We prefer it and trust it the most. In fact, 73% of Americans cite television as their preferred source of news, according to a study we did in partnership with GMI Lightspeed of 1,000 Americans ages 18+. News websites came in second with 52% and print magazines & newspapers came in third with 36%.

We also found some directional clues in our data. Of those between the ages of 25 and 44, 60% chose news websites after TV, compared to 43% of those over age 55. And of those who consider themselves to be tech-savvy, only 37% trust TV (compared to 50% of those who consider themselves not to be tech-savvy).

Things Biz Stone Told Me

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Photo Credit: JD Lasica via Flickr

Silicon Valley is full of its fair share of innovation rock stars. Names like “Elon Musk” or “Travis Kalanick” tend to stir up excitement whenever mentioned. But Biz Stone, one of the original founders of Twitter, is in a league of his own. Unlike many (many, many) other startup founders, Stone didn’t become notorious for tantrums or product exactitude. Stone stands apart for his borderline oppressive optimism and general cheerfulness, which is not diminished in the face of CEO turnover, The Colbert Report, or Kara Swisher, who interviewed Stone on Monday night at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.

A Tale of Two Coasts: Q&A with Xconomy’s Curt Woodward

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Curt Woodward of Xconomy Boston is a familiar face to those of us in Boston’s tech and innovation space. He brings a colorful range of experience to the table having covered such topics as business, law, politics and government, in addition to startups and innovators in the tech space. Before coming to the East Coast, Curt wrote for Xconomy’s Seattle bureau. Having myself recently made the reverse move by relocating to San Francisco from Boston, I was eager to pick his brain about the misconceptions and realities of each environment. The result? A handy manifesto on such PR essentials as crafting the perfect pitch, foreseeing industry trends and, of course, finding a good cup of joe.

How to Get Quoted: 10 Strategies for Your Next Media Interview

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Have you been misquoted? Not quoted? Taken out of context? Or frustrated because a reporter didn’t do his or her research before speaking with you? The nature of media interviews is changing, and PR strategies must change with it.

First, consider how reporters’ jobs have changed. I’ve seen reporters posting up to 10 articles each day. Why? There are fewer of them – according to The Wall Street Journal, for every journalist there are 4.6 PR people. The news cycle can be mere seconds long and it goes all day and all night. So reporters are under the gun. Being first is important so comprehensiveness and accuracy can sometimes take second-chair to speed (it’s become a common practice for reporters to update and correct their stories after they go live).

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