“Sensing” a Big Opportunity—InkHouse and Occupational Disruption

When I got into technology public relations back in 1998, we were approaching the peak of the Internet bubble. Just as technology was disrupting the business models of pretty much every company on the planet, PR was going through its own innovation cycle. We were shifting from faxing pitch letters and mailing press kits, to email and online press rooms. And while 2001 saw the Internet bubble pop in a big way, the societal, business and economic changes ushered in by the Internet boom were pervasive and lasting.

The Industry Standard hit its peak during the .com era

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InkHouse Announces Our New GM for West Coast Office

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We are thrilled to share the news that Jason Morris has joined InkHouse as our West Coast general manager. Jason comes to us from MSLGROUP San Francisco (formerly Schwartz Communications) where he spent more than 15 years driving award-winning PR campaigns for emerging-growth tech companies and innovative divisions of tech industry leaders. I was Jason’s client in the early 2000’s so I know first hand the incredible work he does. Beth and I could not be more excited to have him join our team.

Jason will lead our fast-growing West Coast office that is already servicing some of the world’s most innovative companies in big data analytics, peer-to-peer marketplaces, sustainable architecture and urban planning and private equity, among other segments. Jason’s rich experience — spanning enterprise and consumer markets – is a perfect match for the demand we are seeing in and around San Francisco.

Want To Be On The Winning PR Team? 5 Lessons From Fantasy Football

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With football season right around the corner and fantasy football on the minds of many pigskin enthusiasts, it’s a great time to take a look at what we can learn from this virtual gridiron to end up on the winning team.

1. Know Your Stats
Week after week, you’re faced with decisions about who to slot as your starting quarterback or which running back to put up against your opposition’s defense. The best way to make the dream team each week is to look at the stats. Do your research. This is no different in the PR world. You must do your research and find the perfect fit. Whether that is deciding which publication to reach out to with an exclusive or identifying which reporter would give your pitch a second look (Using Analytics to Drive Your Public Relations Strategy).

BostInno Announces “Coolest Companies” at This Year’s BostonFest

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At BostInno’s third annual BostonFest over 2,000 young professionals working in Greater Boston made their way to the Seaport World Trade Center. Several InkHousers made it to the event, where we took in the view, sampled some food truck delicacies, and represented InkHouse (a BostInno’s Coolest Companies nominee) as we met so many other creative, motivated, and hardworking Bostonians. We started off the night by taking in all that BostonFest had to offer…

Expected Buzzfeed App Indicates Company’s Aim to Move beyond Kittens & Quizzes

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I say Buzzfeed, you say…

Amazing photo montages of baby animals?

Lists providing tips for incorporating sriracha sauce into every meal?

How about up-to-the-minute source for hard news?

Buzzfeed originally built its reputation as the go-to site for all things outrageous and adorable. The site’s popularity is undisputed. In 2013, the company reported that the site had received more than 130 million unique visitors during the month of November. Subject matter runs the gamut – as I’m writing this, Helen Mirren, feminist tattoos and drivers’ licenses from New Zealand are all prominently featured on the site’s homepage – and content is updated frequently throughout the day.

Making #Popular Hashtags Work for You

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Hashtags – they’re not just an amazing reoccurring segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (see here and here and, oh wait, here too), or a hilarious way to look back at the Twitterverse (remember #thingslongerthankimkardashiansmarriage?). When properly leveraged, hashtags can help expand your content reach, make Tweets more findable in Twitter searches, and can even become popular enough to become a “Trending Topic.” So, with all this in mind, here are a few ways to strategically use “popular” hashtags to boost your company’s social success:


  • Highlight case studies or document your progress with a project.
  • Remodeled office space, or moved into a new place completely? Show it off!
  • Point to updates or add-ons to your products.


Blogging and Brands: Five Takeaways from BlogHer 2014

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — Over the last ten years, blogging and social media have provided women with a platform for communication, self-expression, activism, community and revenue. During this time, blogging platforms evolved, smartphones became ubiquitous, social media became second nature and brands, businesses and even politicians realized the influence of women and blogging.

What Happens After Pressing “Send” on That Pitch

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Pitching the media is a key element of a jobs in public relations. Like anyone who takes their job seriously, we’re highly invested in the outcome of every pitch email we send or phone call we make. So what exactly are the emotions we go through? Take a look at our latest on Buzzfeed for the full scoop.


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