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PR and Social InkLings for the Week of April 2

Posted on: April 6th, 2012 by Whitney Clifford | No Comments

Google Glasses

On Wednesday, Google researchers launched a Google+ page for Project Glass, its augmented reality glasses project. The page shared a YouTube video teaser showing just what these sci-fi glasses are capable of: interacting with what you’re seeing and acting as a smartphone, day planner, navigation system, camera and more. People are excited for the new technology, which Google is hoping to unveil next year—even Google’s Co-founder was caught modeling a pair. Now, I can neither confirm nor deny that I have jumped on the trendy non-prescription glasses bandwagon in years past, but eyewear for the sake of technology? That might just be a little too Jetsons for me. What do you think—will you be a four-eyed innovator?


Facebook Coming to NASDAQ

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Facebook Brand Timelines

Posted on: February 22nd, 2012 by admin | 4 Comments

There may not be paparazzi sneaking about, but here’s an event you won’t want to miss. A week from today, Facebook is expected to debut its Timeline (not Time line or timeline) feature for brands at the first fMC—a Facebook marketing event—on February 29. No longer will this scrapbook-like format be available only to individual users, but soon many of the brands you “like” will be able to make the switch.

With Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest making headlines as of late, it’s easy to get caught up in the glitz and glam of “what’s hot” in the social media world. So what do Facebook Brand Timelines mean for companies’ future social engagement? Well for one thing, more pictures. From cover photos to tagged images to profile pictures, the new layout is laden with visuals and, let’s face it, people love visuals. The more personal a page is, the more likely fans and customers are to interact with that brand—which is ultimately more compelling to marketers, according to AdAge.

PR and Social InkLings for the Week of November 28

Posted on: December 5th, 2011 by Whitney Clifford | 1 Comment

This past week in the wonderful world of social media was fitting for the bustling pre-holiday season: articles covered everything from Facebook’s IPO to Britney Spears on Google+, and we were left feeling a little like we do after an impromptu trip to the mall—overwhelmed, but somehow satisfied. Below, I share a few highlights:


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Facebook IPO

There has been a flurry of news surrounding the Facebook IPO—with analysts and users speculating: will they, won’t they? Recently, Facebook officially announced that the company will go public between April and June of 2012. Most of us know that Zuckerberg and the gang aren’t exactly struggling in the revenue department (the company is valued at almost $100 billion) and might wonder why they’re moving forward with this plan. This Mashable article breaks down the pros and cons of going public.

PR and Social InkLings for the Week of November 14

Posted on: November 17th, 2011 by Whitney Clifford | 1 Comment

Wendy’s Stealth Campaign, Google+ for Businesses, Yipit Goes Mobile, Sundance & Twitter, Apple Board Changes and a Fresh Voice for the Crimson


Wendy’s Stealth Twitter Campaign

Wendy’s has gained 33,000 Twitter followers within a month’s time with very limited ad support – an accomplishment matched by few brands. How did they do it? The fast food giant created an online “game show”to promote its new burger using the handle @GirlBehindSix, a reference to the open slot on Wendy’s menu. Fans and participants of the game show received cash prizes, shark sleeping bags, mopeds, and, according to the ad agency behind the campaign, “other things you wanted, but would never buy for yourself.” Was the campaign a success? Well, I’ve never wanted a shark sleeping bag (*blatant lie), and am a vegetarian, but here I am talking about the new burger and its cool contest.

PR and Social InkLings for the Week of October 31

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Twitter Experiments, Old Spice Revival, iPhone Does it All, Google Takes TV? and Halloween Infographic

Twitter Tests “Top News” and “Top Story”

Word on the street (and OK, on TechCrunch), is that Twitter is testing out new “Top News” and “Top People” features. It seems as though some users are seeing these categories highlighted at the top of Twitter’s real-time search results. Enter a popular search term and you’ll see a highlighted boxed result with a link to a top news story along with a thumbnail image from that article or blog post. This is a pretty smart idea, and I agree that publishers are going to be vying for that top slot, as they will inevitably see much more Twitter traffic. Have you noticed this new feature on your page? Read on here.

PR and Social InkLings for the Week of September 26

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New Profiles, Don’t Give up on Google+, Twacking Infographic, Twitter = Olive Branch, Mobile App Tips, Exercise and Creativity

Facebook’s New Profiles

This week’s social news was dominated by Facebook and its new profiles. From old information once believed to be long buried being uncovered and other privacy concerns, to fun cover photo suggestions, to a recent trademark infringement suit from, Facebook has been quite the media hog. So, what do you think of the new profiles? One thing is clear: for personal accounts, we can expect to continually discover changes. And what does the update mean for brands? It could be huge.

Twacked: When Twitter Accounts Go Bad

PR and Social InkLings for the Week of September 19

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Facebook’s New Profiles, Netflix Flops?, Google+ on Klout, WSJ on Facebook and Augmented Reality


Facebook’s New Profiles: First Impressions

This week, Facebook held its F8 developer conference. After unconventional introduction, the main focus of Mark Zuckerberg’s talk was about the much anticipated profile redesign. The profile changes are a part of a broader launch, including a music and media platform, and are designed to make profiles “stickier,” or encourage users to stay on longer; profiles will also feature a prominent new timeline. Check out Mashable’s first impressions of the updates here. The changes will obviously affect users, but marketers on Facebook are really beginning to feel the pressure to produce more gripping content. Find out why here.

Netflix Flop?

How Unofficial Activity Drives Innovation: Lessons from Google, 3M and Pitney Bowes

Posted on: September 21st, 2011 by admin | 1 Comment

Something about September makes me yearn for a new side project to tackle. I chalk it up to a combination of back-to-school withdrawal, the crisp fall air and my general inclination towards multitasking. I read a Wall Street Journal article about a new concept the author dubbed “work-work balance,” juggling your main work duties with more experimental side projects. The concept is intriguing and many of the most innovative companies already encourage employees to take time for “unofficial” activity to spur creative thinking. InkHouse is no different and making space for creativity is something we all strive for on a daily basis.

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