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What I love about InkHouse and why you might like to work here, too

Posted on: October 17th, 2014 by Tina Cassidy | No Comments

I was recently at an event where a company was asked what makes them special. They talked about how they have a slide – like what you might find in a playground – connecting two floors of their office.

Sounds like fun, except not if you’re in a skirt and heels.

But the comment got me thinking about what truly makes a difference in the workplace for employees.

While there’s nothing wrong with slides, ping pong tables, or even scooters (which we enjoy here at InkHouse)… there are other more important reasons why one chooses to work someplace and more importantly, why they choose to stay:

What We’ve Learned From Blogging

Posted on: September 2nd, 2014 by Tina Cassidy | No Comments

We often say that everyone at InkHouse is a social native. Yes, we have fun at cocktail parties, but that’s not what that means. It means that we all live and breathe social media and content; we don’t have a special department or title for anyone involving social because it is just part of everything everyone at InkHouse does. It’s part of how we think, not just at work, but often in our lives outside of work.

Case in point: It’s not uncommon during an agency brainstorming session for someone to speak about something interesting that they have learned in the test kitchen of their own personal blog, and is applying it to client work.

Here are a few examples:

Five Tips for When to Respond to a Negative News Story

Posted on: May 1st, 2014 by Tina Cassidy | No Comments

Last week, Jessica Lessin, a well-respected tech journalist who earlier this year launched the news site The Information, wrote a thoughtful piece on why Misleading Pushback on Media Reports Does Nobody Good. The post cited several high profile stories on brands such as Nike, Amazon and Square, that the subjects publicly denied – though Lessin’s whole point is that their PR statements were open to interpretation and trying to put the best spin on reports that, ultimately, were true.

“Many don’t dispute the underlying facts,” she wrote. “Instead, they try to obscure them. Others use words that could mean multiple things to multiple people.”

Why I’m Running the Boston Marathon

Posted on: April 15th, 2014 by Tina Cassidy | No Comments


Editor’s Note: This week, we dedicate the InkHouse blog to the Boston Marathon. All of our hearts were broken last year, and we’re so very proud that our own Tina Cassidy is running for the MR8 team to raise money for the foundation started by the Richard family, a family that lost so much. Tina shares her beautiful story about why she is running below. Our design team created the “Boston 4-21-14” image for anyone to use. We hope you’ll help spread the message of healing and resilience. #WeRunTogether

Why I’m Running the Boston Marathon

Below is Tina’s post:

Moving Beyond Text for PR Success

Posted on: January 31st, 2014 by Tina Cassidy | No Comments

Earlier this week InkHouse participated in a PR News Webinar called Pitching the Media: How to Cut Through The Clutter. Our colleagues on the panel included Tracy Schario, communications officer for the Pew Charitable Trusts, who talked about why it’s essential to be aware of major news events – either to plug into them or to avoid pitching at a time when journalists are otherwise occupied; and Jane Carpenter, head of public relations for online home retailer Wayfair, discussed how to build personal relationships with journalists.

Is Native Advertising Right For You?

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That buzz around native advertising is now a loud vibration that is difficult to ignore.

Earlier this month, the New York Times became the most significant carrier of native advertising when it officially launched its program to host sponsored content with a six-figure three-month deal with Dell. While sites larger than (yeah, Buzzfeed, I’m talking about you) and others that are highly respected (Washington Post, Vanity Fair) were already carrying sponsored content, the Times made it seem as if the Rubicon had been crossed.

Then, this week, Forrester analyst Ryan Skinner released a report saying that native advertising is “worth pursuing” — he meant for those writing the checks, of course, but it’s also worth pursuing for those on the receiving end, as well.

Why We Are Partnering With Neoscape

Posted on: December 18th, 2013 by Tina Cassidy | No Comments

It’s a PR cliché to say you are thrilled about anything – so I won’t (wink) – but today InkHouse announced a new partnership with an amazing company:  Neoscape, a pioneer in the world of visual storytelling. We are two complimentary, creative firms of about the same size and our work together will allow us to provide end-to-end product launch services, from branding, positioning, and immersive visual content, to events, press and new media campaigns.

Neoscape’s creative studio for architecture, real estate and other industries will create advanced digital content that tells the type of stories that InkHouse excels at amplifying through online media channels.

An Award-Winning Year at InkHouse

Posted on: December 12th, 2013 by Tina Cassidy | No Comments

Today our client Skanska USA won The Bulldog Digital/Social Awards gold medal, the highest honor for Best Corporate Blog, judged exclusively by digital- and social-media-savvy working journalists and bloggers. We worked with Skanska to launch “Constructive Thinking” last April to highlight the company’s thought leadership in a multi-media way and have been proud of the results so far.

As our clients know, we take blogging seriously at InkHouse—including our own blog, InkLings—and view it as the foundation for many of our social content and media relations efforts. Our approach is one of the reasons why last year both Bulldog Reporter and PR News named InkHouse a Small Agency of the Year. This year, InkHouse was named a Best Place to Work by the Boston Business Journal and a Top Women-Led Business by the Boston Globe and Commonwealth Institute. In addition to agency awards, InkHouse has earned multiple industry awards on behalf of client work in the past year, including:

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